Using intricate statistics combined with detailed match and training analysis, Allan strategises a complete striker training program which incorporates every element and fine detail required to take his clients performance and career to the highest level.


Match/Training Analysis

Featured both pre and post training. You’ll receive analysed feedback….

Up close footage recorded for each session, to analyse specific movements and habits players could be adjusting…

Every finish and movement is recorded, analysed and featured in a detailed presentation of the session to the client.


Tailormade Drills

Intricate analysis of match/previous training footage influences the drills created specifically to benefit each individual. These are tailored with each players different habits, movements and production zones in mind…..


On-Field Training

Train 1-1 with Allan for up to 90 minutes dependent on requirements for the session. You will receive immediate on-field feedback to perfect the technique, decision making, spacial awareness and off the ball movement needed to take your game to new levels.